Travel Sense: Sound

Sight is important when traveling but never underestimate sound, especially in a country like Italy that stimulates the ears as much as the eyes.

Italy Talks | Jews in Rome

Who’s lived in Rome the longest? Surprise, surprise it’s the Jews! Learn about their dramatic history in the eternal city in this insightful talk with art historian and guide Micaela Pavoncello.

Avoiding Art Overload at the Uffizi

It’s easy to be overwhelmed inside a museum. There’s a lot to look at and nowhere is that more evident than at the Uffizi in Florence. This is the mother of museums that was already well on its way to being world class when the Louvre and National Gallery were just figments of royal imagination….

Italy Talks | Insights on Blogging

I sat down with Georgette Jupe (aka The Girl in Florence) to learn more about what she does and how she does it. Georgette has been blogging about Florence and travel for over six years and has a strong social media following on a number of networks. She has lots of experience growing a successful…

Italy Talks | David P. Wagner

David P. Wagner combines a good old fashioned mystery with a small Italian city in his latest novel A Funeral in Mantova. We like Mantova and mysteries so when the opportunity for an interview arose we jumped. Here’s what David had to say about the country he once called home and the protagonist who has…

Great Climbs | The Sistine Chapel

Although not technically a climb getting to the Sistine Chapel can be an arduous and at times claustrophobic experience. Here’s what to expect:

Italy Talks | Florence

Georgette Jupe (aka TheGirlInFlorence) discusses the ups and downs of living in Italy, suggests how to get the most out of a visit to Florence, reveals her favorite trattoria and meets a fan from Virginia.

Milan Made Easy

Milan (Milano to the locals) is unlike other Italian cities. You’ll either love it or hate it but after a few days here you will have a strong opinion either way. The city isn’t associated with art or history or food but with industry and business which transformed Milan throughout the last century and explain the…

BEST OF ITALY: The 12-day Tour

Tourism to Italy didn’t start yesterday. You are following in the footsteps of Dickens, Stendhal, Goethe, and Twain. Since the 19th century, seeing the ancient and Renaissance sights has been a rite of passage. Artists and poets came here to be inspired, romanced, and thrilled. Although times have changed, most of the monuments haven’t. A…