Italy Chronicles

Introduction to Umbria

You can tell an Umbrian town by the steepness of the climb. The walls are in good condition and the gates date from Etruscan or Roman times. There’s usually a stunning piazza and the wide steps of a palazzo on... Continue Reading →

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Your Guide to Italy: Moon: Rome, Florence & Venice

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Understanding Italian Menus

Eating out is a little different in Italy and if you want to understand how Italians do it you'll need to master the menu.

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Coming to Italy? Lets Chat.

Got a question? Need an answer? Just ask. I'm here to help you discover Italy.  

Italian Greetings

Italians have their own way of doing things and the way they greet each other is unique.

Connect the Piazze (Squares)

A 2km tour of Roman squares.

Italian Words: Tizio

Italian Vocabulary A word you may want to know: Tizio

Florence’s Magnificent Seven

Seven Florentines who changed their city and the world forever.

What’s a Doge?

The Doge was the ruler of Venice and the title derives from Latin dux or commander (duke in English). It was used in Venice from 697AD until the fall of the Republic in 1797. During those thousand years the position evolved from... Continue Reading →

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