Renaissance Wine Distancing

Social distancing goes back centuries in Florence where innovative merchants found ways to sell wine at a safe distance. These so called wine windows can still be seen today and a few are active.

Why This May Be The Best Year Ever to Visit Italy

In these days of lockdown and quarantine the thought of getting on an airplane and traveling around the world is inconceivable and yet for those instinctive travelers who feel happier on the road than inside any home it’s impossible not to contemplate new destinations to roam. If you spin the globe what better latitude for…

Italy Just Got Better

The second edition of Moon Rome, Florence & Venice was released last month. Travellers heading to Italy this summer can expect an entirely new and updated guide that covers all three of Italy’s best known cities along with dozens of day-trips for adventurous souls looking to go beyond the tourist trail. Moon Rome, Florence &…

Venice Like a Local

There’s the Venice most tourists see and another city beyond group tours and pedestrian jams that’s waiting to be discovered. Which one will you visit?

Florence Like a Local

Experiencing Florence like a local means overlooking world famous monuments and not attempting to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. Locals have the advantage of time and don’t need to rush. Follow their lead and live the city for an hour or an entire day like they do.

A Genoa Journey

Three days, two children, one wife exploring an underrated Italian city.

Early Morning Venice

Don’t wait or hesitate. Wake up early and experience this extraordinary city at its best.

Italy Talks | SUP in Venice

There’s more than one way to experience Venice. Eliana Argine of SUP in Venice talks about her tours and a unique way of seeing the city.

Travel Sense: Sound

Sight is important when traveling but never underestimate sound, especially in a country like Italy that stimulates the ears as much as the eyes.

Italy Talks | Jews in Rome

Who’s lived in Rome the longest? Surprise, surprise it’s the Jews! Learn about their dramatic history in the eternal city in this insightful talk with art historian and guide Micaela Pavoncello.

Great Climbs | Florence Duomo

There are plenty of towers, fortifications and churches to climb in Italy but none is as memorable or gratifying as the Duomo in Florence. This is an opportunity not just to get the best view of the city but to step inside history and one of the greatest feats of Renaissance engineering. It’s not easy…

Avoiding Art Overload at the Uffizi

It’s easy to be overwhelmed inside a museum. There’s a lot to look at and nowhere is that more evident than at the Uffizi in Florence. This is the mother of museums that was already well on its way to being world class when the Louvre and National Gallery were just figments of royal imagination….

Italy 2021 | A Region-by-Region Guide to Italy

There are 20 regions in Italy and deciding which one to visit isn’t easy. The following list will help you choose a region based on your interests and provide an idea of what to expect once you get there.

The Italian Kiss at Risk

Few things are as Italian as the kiss. The double-cheek variety is performed everywhere by everyone up and down the peninsula. In Italy it is as common as cappucino and any traveler observing life in Rome, Florence or Venice will be amazed by the number and frequency of kisses exchanged at all hours of day…

Lingo |Grazie Mille

Sometimes a thank you isn’t enough. In the United States we don’t thank people once we thank them a million times. Thanks a million is considered greater than a single thank you which is the bare minimum by politeness standards. When I got to Italy I noticed Italians don’t thank each other a million times….

Italy Talks | Jews in Florence

Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld of Florence Jewish Tours talks about the creation of the Synagogue and Florence’s Jewish past. It’s eventful as usual with plenty of highs and lows, Medici intervention and Nazi occupation. [Audio only] You might also enjoy: Italy Talks | Jews in Rome