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Milan Made Easy

Milan (Milano to the locals) is unlike other Italian cities. You'll either love it or hate it but after a few days here you will have a strong opinion either way. The city isn't associated with art or history or food... Continue Reading →

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Your Guide to Italy: Moon: Rome, Florence & Venice

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BEST OF ITALY: The 12-day Tour

Tourism to Italy didn’t start yesterday. You are following in the footsteps of Dickens, Stendhal, Goethe, and Twain. Since the 19th century, seeing the ancient and Renaissance sights has been a rite of passage. Artists and poets came here to... Continue Reading →

Where to Go in Italy?

There are 20 regions in Italy and deciding which one to visit isn't easy. The following list will help narrow your choices down and provide a clear idea of what you can expect to experience up and down the peninsula.

Survival Tips for Special Needs Travelers in Rome, Florence and Venice

Italy is not especially accessible to the blind or wheelchair bound and special needs travelers may find life in Rome, Florence and Venice challenging. Sidewalks can be narrow and uneven while the lack of parking often leads locals to leave... Continue Reading →

Who’s Who Italy: The Rose Peddler

A guide to the people you will meet on your travels throughout Italy.

Packing for Rome, Florence & Venice

What to pack depends on the season and length of stay but whenever you come and however long you stay beware of over packing as traveling to three cities means you’ll be unpacking and repacking frequently. It’s probably best to leave... Continue Reading →

5½ Misconceptions About Italy

It’s easy to misjudge a country. You hear a lot, you see a lot and you imagine even more. Some of it is true but much of it isn’t and it’s up to travelers to get beyond clichés and discover what’s authentic.

Flashback to Bevagna

There’s something special about Bevagna. Unlike most medieval Italian towns it’s not situated imposingly on a hill but lies in a vast plain in the center of Umbria far from major roads and the sights that attract tourists to the... Continue Reading →

Florence in 12 hours or Less

High speed rail makes Florence accessible from Rome and Venice but if you think you can visit David, climb the Duomo, admire the Uffizi and stroll through Palazzo Pitti in a single day you need to rethink your plans. Cramming too many... Continue Reading →

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