Travel Card Options in Rome, Florence & Venice


Getting around on foot is the best way to discover Rome, Florence & Venice but if you tire of walking or intend to take short day trips outside city limits there’s a travel card waiting for you.


Daily and multi-day travel cards are available in all three cities and are more convenient than repeatedly purchasing single tickets.  ATAC Rome (, 800/431-784) offers several types including 24-hour (€6), 3-day (€16.50) and 7-day (€24) cards. Each can be purchased at automated machines or ticket windows inside subway stations or from newspaper kiosks and tobacco shops (tabacchi). All cards must be validated upon initial use of the transportation network and allow access to subways, buses, trams and trains to Ostia Antica and the beaches outside of Rome.

Single tickets in Florence cost €1.20 and are valid 90 minutes. They can be purchased on board buses for €2 or in discounted Carta Agile packs of 10, 21 or 35. Daily (€5), 3-day (€12) and 7-day (€18) travel cards are also available along with a Daily Family (€6) card valid 24-hours for up to 4 members of a family. All types can be purchased at the Ataf Point (, Mon.-Sat. 6:45am-8pm) located at windows 8 and 9 inside Santa Maria Novella train station or at hundreds of resellers around the city.


ACTV Venice (041/2424, operate the ferries (vaporetto) that navigate the canals around Venice and routes throughout the lagoon. Single tickets (€7.50) are expensive and three journeys is all it takes to make a travel card worth while. Options include the daily (€20), 2-day (€30), 3-day (€40) and 7-day (€60) all of which can be purchased online or at ticket offices outside the train station and most ferry stops. These cards are the most gratifying and worth the investment as they’ll allow you to explore Venice in ways that feet can only dream about.

Whichever travel card(s) you choose and wherever you go enjoy the journey.
Discover three remarkable cities
in one practical guide:

Moon: Rome, Florence & Venice
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