The Passport Challenge

There are thousands of travel bloggers roaming the world and posting their experiences on the Internet. They proudly list the number of countries they’ve visited and the kilometres they’ve clocked but have you ever wondered when exactly they began traveling and what exactly is their travel pedigree. To separate seasoned travellers from last minute tourists requires a challenge and there is no greater credential than the passport to distinguish between on the road experience from behind the desk gallivanting.

With that in mind I hereby decree the Passport Challenge to be officially opened and for anyone who has mastered the art of packing, who gets goosebumps from tarmac and can look a custom officer in the eye without flinching to enter.

The rules are simple:

  1. All entrants must be over the age of 25
  2. All entrants must provide an image of their first passport with date of issue and birth clearly visible

The challenge will end on the last day of March 2017 and all entries will be listed on the page below. At the end of the challenge we will know who began traveling the youngest and rightfully deserves the title of passport pioneer.

Passport Challengers:
Name                                                   Country of Origin          Age First Passport Issued
Alice @excusemewhereis                      Australia                             4 years
Audrey & Harry |@TheBSTravelers    USA                                       24 years


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