Italian Words: Tizio

Italians have a knack at inventing words. They’ve done it for thousands of years in multiple languages. Many have been borrowed and we all speak a little Italian whether we know it or not. Today isn’t about one of those global words, today is about tizio.

Tizio is a little noun that isn’t very common but can still be useful. It means a person you don’t know but to who you want to refer to in conversation. It roughly translates to so and so or what’s his name but like many things Italian vocabulary does it better and shorter.

In a sentence it might be used like this: Quel tizio al bar (that guy from the bar). A feminine form (tizia) also exists however it is rarely used as male strangers outnumber female strangers in Italy. Tizio is pronounced [TITZ-EE-OH] and can be stored in your arsenal of Italian words ready for the right context to strike.


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