Italy Talks | SUP in Venice

There are lots of ways to experience Venice and avoid tourists. One of the most original is on a board, paddling through the back canals of the city. Eliana Argine is a Stand Up Paddling pioneer who brought the sport to Venice over a decade ago. We talked to her about how she got the idea and what travellers can expect on her unique SUP tours of Venice.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Ew! That water is NOT clean. I lived in Venice for 2 years and would not even touch canal water. Raw sewage can be seen. ( once you’ve seen turds floating by, the romance dies.)


    1. Yes, Venetian water can be pretty foul but fortunately with SUP you don’t have to touch it. Also, the Cannaregio canals, where SUP in Venice is located, are cleaner and less trafficked than most.
      Thanks for sharing!


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