Italy Just Got Better

The second edition of Moon Rome, Florence & Venice was released last month. Travellers heading to Italy this summer can expect an entirely new and updated guide that covers all three of Italy’s best known cities along with dozens of day-trips for adventurous souls looking to go beyond the tourist trail.


Moon Rome, Florence & Venice includes all the sites you expect to see and many you never imagined. It’s an opportunity to go rafting down the Tiber, horse riding along the Via Appia, hiking in the footsteps of Da Vinci, kayaking through Venetian canals and much, much more.

My goal while writing Moon, Florence & Venice was to help curious travellers discover Italy and delve deeper into the history, culture and gastronomy I have loved since I arrived in Rome over a decade ago. I hope you will enjoy this unique journey and look forward to hearing from you online or in person during your visit.

Buon Viaggio!
Alexei J. Cohen

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