Why This May Be The Best Year Ever to Visit Italy

In these days of lockdown and quarantine the thought of getting on an airplane and traveling around the world is inconceivable and yet for those instinctive travelers who feel happier on the road than inside any home it’s impossible not to contemplate new destinations to roam.

If you spin the globe what better latitude for a finger to land than Italy where plagues and disease are nothing new but merely moments in nature’s mysterious course that have felled generations before and provide eternal proof that life goes on. It’s never too early, nor bleak, nor seemingly impossible to fantasize about leaning towers and espresso, about cinematic landscapes and al fresco dining that electrifies palates and redefines appetites.

Just because you are momentarily trapped in front of a TV or internet thousands of miles from where you’d rather be does not mean you cannot hatch a plan, an Italian escape, ready to implement when better days arrive, for there may never be a better time to visit Italy.

Tourists have evaporated from St. Mark’s Square, there are no lines at the Ufizzi and even the Pope must pray alone. This hibernated state will not last and as curves plateau and hope returns so will the glimmer in every traveler’s eye. Airfare will be cheap and accommodation a bargain as a battered industry seeks to attract its bread and butter. Most tourists will resist out of fear or necessity and delay their holidays until it is beyond safe but the adventurous will not miss this opportunity to join the first extraordinary wave of travelers who set the tone for things to come.

You will be welcomed to Italian shores like liberating heroes and true friends who share stories of how time was spent during those unprecedented days when it seemed nothing would be the same. You can be a part of this renewal which must be forged face to face, one experience at a time, each a new delight strengthing the bond between Italy and a world that craves beauty and culture no virus can erase and in which all curious travelers are invited to partake.

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