Italy 2018 | A Region-by-Region Guide to Italy

There are 20 regions in Italy and deciding which one to visit isn’t easy. The following list will help you choose a region based on your interests and provide an idea of what to expect up and down the peninsula.

Survival Tips for Special Needs Travelers in Rome, Florence and Venice

Italy is not especially accessible to the blind or wheelchair bound and special needs travelers may find life in Rome, Florence and Venice challenging. Sidewalks can be narrow and uneven while the lack of parking often leads locals to leave cars in unorthodox places. The situation in Rome is however gradually improving. All museums are…

5½ Misconceptions About Italy

It’s easy to misjudge a country. You hear a lot, you see a lot and you imagine even more. Some of it is true but much of it isn’t and it’s up to travelers to get beyond clichés and discover what’s authentic.

Flashback to Bevagna

There’s something special about Bevagna. Unlike most medieval Italian towns it’s not situated imposingly on a hill but lies in a vast plain in the center of Umbria far from major roads and the sights that attract tourists to the region. The town of barely 2,000 can trace its origins to Roman antiquity but its…

Arrivederci Totti

The numbers are impressive: 250 goals, 92 assists, over 600 games played but the most extraordinary number is 1. Throughout his 24-year career Francisco Totti only played for a single soccer team. Totti grew up in Rome supporting AS Roma and when he got the chance to enter the club’s youth program he never imagined playing…

Introduction to Umbria

You can tell an Umbrian town by the steepness of the climb. The walls are in good condition and the gates date from Etruscan or Roman times. There’s usually a stunning piazza and the wide steps of a palazzo on which to enjoy a gelato before having a look inside the duomo. Until April, the…

Understanding Italian Menus

Eating out is a little different in Italy and if you want to understand how Italians do it you’ll need to master the menu.

Italian Greetings

Italians have their own way of doing things and the way they greet each other is unique.