Italy Chronicles

What time is it?

Time is different in Italy or at least it's told differently. There's no a.m or p.m. and a funny thing happens after midday. Hours aren't repeated but all 24 are used to express time throughout the day. It avoids confusion among locals... Continue Reading →

Understanding Venice | Urban Terminology

Venice isn't your average city and you can tell by the words locals use to describe it. They've inherited unique terms to identify the uniqueness that surrounds them. A street isn’t a via, a square isn’t a piazza, a building isn’t a palazzo and... Continue Reading →

Aperitivo Hour in Florence

Florentines are a social bunch and love to sit down for an apertivo or pre-dinner drink with friends. The city even has it’s own cocktail invented nearly a century ago by Count Camillo Negroni. The count was tired of his usual... Continue Reading →

Advantages & Disadvantages of Maps

Maps are useful but they can cause dependency. The more time you consult a map the less time you consult a city. Wherever you’re headed there are clues that lead the way and if you fail to spot them you can always... Continue Reading →

Venice | Following In Casanova’s Footsteps

Throughout the 18th century Venice experienced a gradual decline in political and military prestige. Austria and Spain were the new powers on land and sea leading Venice down the  path to isolation and neutrality. The glories days of La Serenissima were... Continue Reading →

Three To See | Bridges of Italy

Every bridge tells a story. While people cross and centuries pass they remain. Generations and fashions change but the job of a bridge is always the same. There are many ways of getting across and all types of bridges but... Continue Reading →

Discovering Rome, Florence & Venice

When you’re standing in Piazza di Trevi surrounded by hundreds of strangers vying to throw a coin into a fountain and having to warn a couple of distracted tourists that someone with dishonest intentions has an eye on their bag you... Continue Reading →

The Value of Vocabulary

Thornton Wilder once said everyone should travel to a country where English isn’t spoken and they don’t even want to speak it. Italy isn’t that country. English is taught from the first grade onwards and private language schools abound. Most Italians... Continue Reading →

The Passport Challenge

There are thousands of travel bloggers roaming the world and posting their experiences on the Internet. They proudly list the number of countries they've visited and the kilometres they've clocked but have you ever wondered when exactly they began traveling and... Continue Reading →

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