Rome Like A Local

Don’t fall into a tourist trap. Learn to live Rome like the locals do and discover the city from an Italian perspective.

Italy Talks | Florence

Georgette Jupe (aka TheGirlInFlorence) discusses the ups and downs of living in Italy, suggests how to get the most out of a visit to Florence, reveals her favorite trattoria and meets a fan from Virginia.

Packing for Rome, Florence & Venice

What to pack depends on the season and length of stay but whenever you come and however long you stay beware of over packing as traveling to three cities means you’ll be unpacking and repacking frequently. It’s probably best to leave expensive watches and jewelry at home. Most hotels provide hairdryers but if you’re staying in…

5½ Misconceptions About Italy

It’s easy to misjudge a country. You hear a lot, you see a lot and you imagine even more. Some of it is true but much of it isn’t and it’s up to travelers to get beyond clichés and discover what’s authentic.

Florence in 12 hours or Less

High speed rail makes Florence accessible from Rome and Venice but if you think you can visit David, climb the Duomo, admire the Uffizi and stroll through Palazzo Pitti in a single day you need to rethink your plans. Cramming too many sights into too little time is a mistake that will leave you physically exhausted and…

Introduction to Puglia

Puglia has tempted travelers since the Greeks discovered the area and decided to export civilization to its rocky coast line.

Introduction to Umbria

You can tell an Umbrian town by the steepness of the climb. The walls are in good condition and the gates date from Etruscan or Roman times. There’s usually a stunning piazza and the wide steps of a palazzo on which to enjoy a gelato before having a look inside the duomo. Until April, the…

What’s a Doge?

The Doge was the ruler of Venice and the title derives from Latin dux or commander (duke in English). It was used in Venice from 697AD until the fall of the Republic in 1797. During those thousand years the position evolved from primitive military commander to king-like figure and eventually mere figurehead. Early Doges were good with a…